Conference Interpretation
Verbal i Nacka AB / Jakob Roël
Utsiktsvägen 12
SE-131 33 Nacka, Sweden
Mobile: +46 (0)701 819 098
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+46 (0)8 309 098
    Do you need the help of a professional conference interpreter?
        Behöver ni en professionell konferenstolk?
                   Hulp nodig van een professionele conferentietolk?
  Brauchen Sie einen professionellen Konferenzdolmetscher?
                          Har De brug for assistance fra en professionel konferencetolk?

Welcome to Verbal i Nacka AB! My name is Jakob Roël and I have been the owner and manager of the company since 1997. I have a Master’s degree in conference interpreting from Stockholm University and complete command of all of the interpretation techniques used in conferences and meetings in different contexts – simultaneous interpretation with headsets or whispering when needed, as well as consecutive interpretation (which involves interpreting what the speaker says unit by unit with the help of memory and notes).

I have been a member of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters, since 2003 (A: Swedish; C: English, German, Dutch).

What is an AIIC interpreter?

In 2000 I successfully completed the EU accreditation test for auxiliary conference interpreters (ACI) and I work regularly for the European Commission (SCIC), the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice, etc.

What is conference interpretation and what does an EU interpreter do?

My languages
English – Swedish
Dutch/Flemish –Swedish
German – Swedish
Danish – Swedish

My list of clients includes the following companies and organizations: Stockholm University, Ikea, BMW, The Swedish Riksdag, Siemens, ISS, E.ON, Würth, IF Metall, Volvo AB, SAP, Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish Television (SVT), TV4, Kanal 5, Svensk medietext, SSAB, Volkswagen, Uppsala University, Skoda, Stora Enso, Å&R Carton, BAE Systems AB, Iveco, SCB, Sapa, Europol, Kraft Foods, AstraZeneca, Scanfoods, CSM, Pharmacia, BillerudKorsnäs, Arla, etc.

In addition I am employed by Stockholm University as a teacher of conference interpreting (TÖI) and by Kammarkollegiet –The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency – as a language expert for the authorization of interpreters.

My interpreting assignments have included Nobel Prize winners, speeches from the UN Security Council, live simultaneous interpretation of talkshows and entertainment programmes for Swedish Television and other broadcasting companies, as well as European Works Councils on a regular basis etc.