Interpreting from English, German, Dutch and Danish

Verbal i Nacka is owned and managed by me, Jakob Roël. I am a qualified conference interpreter and have 20 years’ experience of conference interpreting in a range of contexts.

Tolkning till svenskaBehöver du en professionell konferenstolk? 


Översättning till engelskaDo you need the help of a professional conference interpreter?


Tolkning och översättning till Hulp nodig van een professionele conferentietolk? 


Tolkning och översättning till tyskaBrauchen Sie einen professionellen Konferenzdolmetscher?


Tolkning och översättning till danskaHar De brug for assistance fra en professionel konferencetolk?


What is conference interpreting and what does an EU interpreter do?

Jakob Roël, översättare och tolkFind out more about interpreting at the European Commission. 

I am well-practiced in the interpreting techniques that are used at conferences and meetings, such as simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, and consecutive interpreting (the interpreter repeats section by section, supported by memory and notes).

Have a listen to how things can sound during a working day. This is me simultaneously interpreting the German election night reporting for Agenda’s live broadcast on SVT (Swedish TV), in September 2017:


I am a  university lecturer at the University of Stockholm (Institute of Interpreting and Translation) and a language expert at Kammarkollegiet (The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) for the authorization of interpreters. Previous assignments of note include events during which I interpreted nobel prize winners, speeches from the UN’s Security Council, election night reports, galas and entertainment shows simultaneously for SVT, TV4 and Kanal 5 (Swedish TV channels).

I have been a member of the AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) since 2003 with the following language classifications: Swedish A, German C, Dutch C and English C.

Why use an AIIC interpreter?


Accredited by the EU’s institutions that I regularly work for, including the European Commission (SCIC), the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice (since 2000).

For other language services, call or e-mail me any questions.