Translations from English, German, Dutch and Danish

Your message is no less important simply because it is formulated in a different language. You still want to communicate the same picture with the same degree of sharpness. And the language should not be a barrier, but a boost. Crystal clear language will help you reach more people with your product or service. 

Översättning till svenskaBehöver du hjälp av en professionell översättare?


Översättning till engelskaDo you need the help of a professional translator?  


Översättning till nederländskaHulp nodig van een professionele vertaler?


Översättning till tyskaBrauchen Sie einen professionellen Übersetzer?  


Översättning till danskaHar De brug for assistance fra en professionel oversætter?


Why should you turn to Verbal for your translations?

Language barriers will obstruct your message if nuances disappear and technical terms are missed out. That’s where I come in. I have 20 years of experience in professional translating and I know how important it is that your terminology is right and your texts flow. When you work with Verbal, you have direct contact with me when your text is being translated.

”Translations are expensive”

It also costs to fix the electricity or plumbing in your house too, but you wouldn’t do that yourself (without the right skills, tools or time). You hire a tradesperson to get things right from the beginning, and avoid electric shocks and water leakages.

With my language skills I tailor your text so that it still convincing once in its new, translated form. No uncomfortable surprises, such as the text not working for the intended target group. THAT is expensive.

What is a good translation?

A good text doesn’t feel like a translation, it feels like the original. A good translation communicates in exactly the same way as the original text, and conveys the same content, message and feeling.

A good translation agency doesn’t necessarily have to be small, but having personal contact with the tradesperson is never a bad thing. That’s what my customers think anyway. Click on the relevant links to see who they are and what they think.

I am regularly engaged by Kammarkollegiet as a Dutch language expert in conjunction with the authorization of translators and interpreters for the public sector.

I have been a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators, SFÖ, since 2003 (and previously a member of the Board).